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Cello II


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N.B. 3 months payment is required initially after which the regular monthly payment will be charged.

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This instrument sits in the middle of our range of cellos and is perfect for the those musicians that wish to progress to the next stage in their musical development. The cello is constructed from top quality tone wood and the back, ribs and scroll from deeply figured maple. The instrument is covered with a high quality varnish which enhances its overall beauty. It has a strong and projecting tone which is even throughout its range. The cello is set up professionally with a hand cut bridge, rosewood tailpiece and ebony pegs with Parisian eye detail. It comes complete with a well made bow and plushly lined hard case.

Additional information

Appearance / fittings:

Please note that as all instruments are hand finished products using natural wood that appearance will vary slightly from the example images. Some instruments may also be fitted with slightly different fittings (e.g. with or without Parisian eye mother of pearl inlays).

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