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Or hire for £24 / month

N.B. 3 months payment is required initially after which the regular monthly payment will be charged.

Recordings of Maestoso III (Evah Pirazzi strings):



This quality full size violin is richly varnished in an antiqued style. It is easy to play and its sonorous tone projects well and is even across the strings.

It comes with a good quality rectangular case fitted with a hygrometer gauge and integrated pouch for music. A hardwood bow with horse hair completes this lovely outfit.

Additional information


Please note that you can choose to have a fully integrated tailpiece with adjusters on all strings at no extra charge (this would be black and of a composite material – not wood).

Instruments are otherwise supplied with their original wooden tailpiece with one fine tuner on the e string.

Appearance / fittings:

Please note that as all instruments are hand finished products using natural wood that appearance will vary slightly from the example images. Some instruments may also be fitted with slightly different fittings (e.g. with or without Parisian eye mother of pearl inlays).

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